About Jaie

In loving memory of Jaie Bryan Jeffery Moran.

30.03.1992 – 01.04.2014

Surviving the aftermath of losing a loved one to suicide …







Love sometimes comes like a dream & leaves like a nightmare


12 thoughts on “About Jaie

    1. Thank you bpdyke. For taking the time to read this and respond. Jaie is beautiful (a ratbag too but a cutie 🙂 ) he had a big generous heart and if he called you family or friend his loyalty was unwavering


  1. I am very sorry for your loss. A catch word, though I do mean it. Gone through that myself. My sister. My nephew. My sister-in-law. All took what I call the wrong turn. Wrong because they make the decision to stop feeling the pain. A mistake: after that one does not feel anything at all! And the pain inflicted on those of us who stay behind… Well. What can I say. Worse is, there are signs, but we don’t see them, because most of those who make that decision are very good at… “hiding”. And for us who stay behind… one never fully recovers, though Time does heal. Hang on there! You’re not alone. And may you still have a lovely week. 🙂
    Yours truly.

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    1. Thank you Brian for taking the time out to leave a response here. I realised in the first week or so that this would be an everlasting loss and pain. I still pretend Jaie is away at work and will be home one day. Soon. Only way I’m coping atm and have been for several weeks. Or the grief and pain is overwhelming. May you also have a lovely week.

      Sandra (Dangermouse is Jaies main nickname) ❤

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      1. Hi Sandra. Hope your week was ok. 🙂
        Now comes the hard part: week-end. Less to do, more to think. 🙂 Go out. See friends. And, do have a lovely wee-end!

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        1. It’s actually been getting tougher to make it through one week to the next. The 6 month mark (a whole half a year) since we lost our beautiful boy and as the Brazilians say
          “Estou com muita saudades de me filho”
          “Eu quero else aqui agora”.
          So much homesickness. My heart just keeps on breaking and it hurts so bad.
          Have a lovely weekend Brian.


          1. Saudade…
            A gente pode ter saudade de tudo. Mais de um filho!
            Takes time. But here ‘s the hope: one day, you will think about him doing xyz, and you will smile. It can be the silliest memory but I guarantee you will. After a (long) while, the fond memories overcome the tragedy. Trust me. Been there!
            Meantime: think about yourself. Do sthg for you. That’s all right. It’s correct.
            Have a nice week! (One step at a time!) 🙂

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