One shoe on – one shoe off

Jaie's Journey Inc. ~ Our New Normal After Death by Suicide. IA55787

I was watching Jaies little girl today, just playing as little kids do. She had one shoe on and one shoe off. And I worry a little more when that unbalanced status is in her life, even for a short while, in case she stumbles and falls down.
And it struck me, that this must have been how Jaie went through much of his childhood and definitely all of his short adulthood. Constantly unbalanced and off centre.
Sometimes it was not as bad as other times, because in the back of his mind he had his intuition telling him that while one action would be good for him, certain other actions would be detrimental for him. So he ate healthy and exercised regularly. He maintained a stable routine and good sleep patterns. But he would have varying degrees of ‘One shoe on – One shoe off’ at all times.

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